The overarching goal is to increase meaningful and constructive involvement of young people in party politics as well as youth participation in decision making at all levels of political governance. The emphasis is on engaging the national leaderships of political parties in dialogues on the inclusion of youth and especially young women in the party’s decision-making and policy development processes.

The engagements with senior party leadership target to initiate reforms of the parties’ internal procedures, structures and cultures for including different groups (in this case youth and especially young women) in central decision-making and policy development processes. These internal reforms cement the spaces and opportunities for inclusion.

Building the capacities of young party members (especially youth leaders) through trainings in key party functions lead them to becoming more valuable resources in the parties and improve their ability to take responsibility and participate the party’s decision-making processes.

These different strategic interventions provide the party leaderships with palpable motivation to involve more young party members in decision-making and policy development processes and thus create more representative political parties in Kenya.