The key focus for the Political Parties’ Strengthening Programme is to strengthen the institutional capacities of political parties to enhance their role in policy making. The programme also supports political parties in establishing and strengthening working relationships with other actors including CSOs for joint lobby and advocacy to benefit the overall quality of the policies.

The programme also directly targets National assembly staff with a view to enhancing their capacity to develop timely and quality bills, as well as to guide parliamentary processes for parliamentary deliberations. The programme also seeks to directly benefit Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) to increase its capacity to engage and influence policy and discourse at both National and County levels.

Through the programme, CMD-Kenya organizes outreach campaigns with relevant stakeholders and facilitates broad cross-party dialogue on those issues that come out of the outreach sessions. This is intended to ensure that citizens’ voices are articulated at various levels of policy making. We also support the cross-party platform to be able to facilitate and host interparty dialogue as means for joint lobby and advocacy. By supporting the capacity of joint party lobby and advocacy, parties have a stronger voice to promote their issues and policy ideas.