The focus of this programme is to improve multiparty democratic practice underpinned by constructive inter/intra-party dialogue based on policies and collaboration. Through this, the programme seeks to enable political parties to be effective promoters of peaceful resolutions of political conflicts and offer dialogue platforms for civil society and political parties in order to find solutions to issues of national concern and of concern to young people in Kenya.

CMD-Kenya’s unique position as a non-partisan platform for and by the political parties of Kenya guarantees the neutral position that is pivotal when it comes to engaging the leaderships (national, youth and county level) of the major political parties in dialogues on self-identified issues of shared concern. Through engagement meetings at these levels, key agendas are identified, and dialogue spaces opened up.

One specific dialogue track focuses on political violence by involving both national and youth leaderships and focusing on the role of youth in political violence, especially around elections.

Through dialogue sessions including trainings in conflict transformation and mediation, we look to develop an awareness of youth’s dual role as both victims and perpetrators in relation to political violence in Kenya, among both levels of leadership.

These interventions aim to contribute to the development of a new generation of political leadership in Kenya’s political parties. A generation that prioritizes peaceful dialogue and collaboration, and brings an end to the widespread political violence that currently involves and affects the Kenyan youth.