Notwithstanding the global, regional and local advances in arguments, laws and policies promoting gender equality in politics and leadership, gender inequalities persist across all institutions in Kenya including political parties. Progress has been slower and has continued to expose the asymmetries between women and men.

A key area of CMD-Kenya’s focus has been working with political parties in order to increase the level of women participation in electoral process through elections, nominations, and acquisition of leadership positions in political parties and in the public sphere.

The representation of women in Kenya’s political parties in particular and political leadership in general has become a matter of concern in Kenya.

Our gender and inclusivity program works towards addressing the multiple challenges that impede women’s optimal political participation. In particular, CMD-Kenya capacity builds political parties to formulate gender friendly policies and regulations.

We also strengthen women caucuses to become platforms for articulating women issues in the political parties as well as play proactive roles in supporting mother parties in the policy making process.