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PDF2022 Dates to be Communicated

PDF Objectives

Power & Energy development is a field focused on making available sufficient primary energy sources


The concept of PDF mirrors the Nordic countries’ People’s Meetings (mainly Sweden and Denmark) organized over the years to provide opportunity for citizens and leaders to meet eye-to-eye and on

Intra and Interparty Dialogue

The focus of this programme is to improve multiparty democratic practice underpinned by constructive inter/intra-party dialogue based on policies and collaboration.

Party Strengthening

The key focus for the Political Parties’ Strengthening Programme is to strengthen the institutional capacities of political parties to enhance their role in policy making.

Gender and Inclusivity

Notwithstanding the global, regional and local advances in arguments, laws and policies promoting gender equality in politics and leadership, gender inequalities persist across all institutions in Kenya including political parties.