Yuri is quite type and is also known as soon just like the almost every other letters on manga/anime

Yuri is quite type and is also known as soon just like the almost every other letters on manga/anime

Yuri was a high teenage woman having down-back size black-blue hair that has fucks swept left front side and you will brownish vision.

She wears a school consistent explained quite often by Sniper Hide as the a naval consistent, and a set of olive footwear chosen out-of a great inactive system by the Mayuko Nise.


She actually is revealed given that gratuites rencontres pour les militaires strong, separate and you may smart. Yuri determines on which doing considering the lady landscape and you will the girl efforts render the girl a good amount of strength, regardless if she has rational electricity also.

Arrival From inside the another type of Globe

Yuri is lead wanting to know what’s happening shortly after enjoying a masked kid wielding an enthusiastic axe kill some one. Abreast of powering out, she finds out a stairway and you will observes a red-flag. Considering brand new hall way she notices the latest masked son after the and you will thoughts upwards. On top most readily useful, she knows she’s maybe not into the Tokyo. Pulling out their cellular phone, she tries to contact this lady parents but isn’t able to get owing to. Attempting to cellular telephone the girl sister, the call connects, and you will she instantly wants their help. As he comes to an end describing things to their it agree to satisfy upwards. All of a sudden assaulted of behind, Yuri falls the girl mobile and you may minds getting a suspension connection near the lady. With the bridge she ponders appointment with this lady sis. [1]

When you’re crossing the fresh new link she observes the fresh new disguised guy not following and continues to inquire of if he is aware of anything in regards to the world these are typically within the. Once the masked kid rushes towards the this lady Yuri starts to stress and you can grabs hold of brand new bridge. Following bridge was slashed Yuri observe the man slip to the floor then continues to move on the. Therefore it is others top she falls into the surface and you will decides to get a hold of a telephone. Overhearing shouting getting let she minds to edge of this building. In which she sees a lady into second building rooftop shouting getting help. This woman is then surprised to know her speak about new disguised man is coming immediately after this lady. [2]

Thinking if she just slain the masked son, this woman is astonished to see various other disguised son and you will understands here need to a lot more of him or her. Viewing the girl becoming with this new masked child, she screams more than for her to perform and acquire a suspension connection. Seeking the suspension system bridge into building she sees an effective pit anywhere between particular fences. As girl ways the pit, Yuri screams more on her behalf to not ever jump but is not able to get rid of the girl of jumping-off the building. [3]

Going for the strengthening she miracle in the event the she will be able to last as a result of the floor. Taking walks off a passageway she overhears h2o powering and you can minds during the so you’re able to a dental infirmary. During the area she results in a person head in which she struggles to remain peaceful. Back to the newest passageway taking into consideration the lady out of prior to she understands the new pit is the exit. Apologizing so you’re able to the girl aunt she claims she hate the country any more. [4]

Going back towards rooftop she trips and you can falls more than, dropping her pocket-book. Reputation between the structures gap she makes simply to walk up until she hears her pocket-book becoming moved from the cinch. Understanding the woman aunt often resentful if she will lose the image from him inside she grins. Trusting she can not go on anymore she instantly hears some thing. Wondering if it’s real she notices a helicopter above the girl and inquiries when it is protecting this lady. When you’re jumping regarding and you can asking for help, she drops backwards off the strengthening, managing to hang onto the train and get back up. After backup, she announces with vitality and commitment you to definitely she’s maybe not planning to pass away. [5]

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