Yuri is quite form which is also known as in the future due to the fact almost every other characters regarding the manga/anime

Yuri is quite form which is also known as in the future due to the fact almost every other characters regarding the manga/anime

Yuri are a large adolescent lady with down-straight back length dark-blue locks who’s got bangs swept to the left top and you can brownish eyes.

She wears a school uniform demonstrated usually because of the Sniper Cover up once the a beneficial naval uniform, and additionally a pair of olive shoes picked of a good inactive body by Mayuko Nise.


She is found because the good, separate and you can wise. Yuri find on what to complete centered on the girl surroundings and you can this lady energies offer the woman an abundance of strength, whether or not she’s got mental fuel too.

Coming Inside the an alternative Business

Yuri is actually delivered questioning what’s happening just after viewing a disguised man wielding an enthusiastic axe eliminate anyone. Through to running aside, she finds a staircase and you will sees a red flag. Considering the fresh hall method she notices the brand new disguised son adopting the and you will thoughts up. On top greatest, she finds out this woman is maybe not during the Tokyo. Pulling-out their phone, she tries to get in touch with this lady moms and dads however, does not work out locate through. Trying to cellular telephone this lady sis, the call links, and you may she instantaneously requests their assist. As he ends up detailing what you should their they invest in satisfy right up. Abruptly assaulted from about, Yuri drops their mobile and you will brains to possess a suspension system bridge near this lady. Toward link she considers appointment with their aunt. [1]

When you are crossing the fresh link she observes the fresh new masked boy not following and you may continues to inquire about in the event citas para adultos sexo ocasional that he knows about something towards world they truly are in the. While the masked boy rushes to the the woman Yuri starts to panic and you may holds your hands on the newest link. Following the link is actually slashed Yuri watches the guy fall to help you a floor then proceeds to maneuver towards the. Therefore it is others side she drops towards the surface and you may chooses to discover a phone. Overhearing screaming to possess let she thoughts to side of the structure. Where she observes a woman into 2nd strengthening rooftop screaming to own help. She’s up coming surprised to listen the girl talk about the new masked son is originating immediately after her. [2]

Curious when the she merely slain the newest disguised child, this woman is amazed observe various other disguised man and you will finds out indeed there have to a lot more of her or him. Watching their getting accompanied by brand new disguised child, she shouts over on her behalf to operate and find a suspension bridge. Seeking the suspension link into the strengthening she sees a good pit ranging from some walls. Once the girl approaches the new pit, Yuri shouts more on her not to dive it is not able to stop their regarding jumping off the building. [3]

Supposed when you look at the strengthening she secret when the she can last down to a floor. Taking walks off a corridor she overhears drinking water running and you will heads into the so you can an oral medical center. When you look at the space she results in an individual head in which she is unable to keep peaceful. Into the new passageway considering the girl of prior to she realizes brand new pit try the fresh leave. Apologizing in order to the lady sibling she claims she can’t stand the nation anymore. [4]

Returning to your rooftop she vacation and you can drops over, losing her pocket book. Reputation between the property pit she prepares simply to walk up to she hears their bank account getting moved from the wind. Understanding this lady aunt tend to aggravated in the event that she loses the image away from your inside she smiles. Thinking she can not continue any more she instantly hears one thing. Curious if it is genuine she notices a helicopter a lot more than the girl and you will questions in case it is rescuing their. If you find yourself bouncing on the and you will asking for assist, she drops in reverse off of the building, dealing with to hold onto the rail and just have back up. Immediately following back-up, she announces that have vigor and you can commitment one to she is maybe not likely to pass away. [5]

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