Inter-Party Training On Internal Dispute Resolution Mechanism and Code of Conduct For Political Parties

The Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya) through National Dialogue and Governance Reforms Agenda convened a two-day Inter-Party training session on the 3rd and 4th October 2019, to deliberate on the Internal Dispute Resolution Mechanism and Code of Conduct for political parties.

The two meetings facilitated by Joseph McDonald brought together 30 members on each day from 19 political parties, including their Executive Directors, Secretary Generals, Organizing secretary or treasurer, league chairs (Youth Women and PwDs).
The training is necessitated by the role of the political parties, their leaders, elected representatives, candidates, constituency associations, paid staff and volunteer members contribution to the vibrancy and integrity of Kenya democracy, not only in the electoral arena but more broadly regulations of democratic spaces.

Over the years’ experience has demonstrated that democratic deficits experienced in Kenya have had their roots in inabilities within political parties, thus the need to provide better structures to solve or resolve internal disputes amongst respective political parties.

The training is geared towards strengthening political parties’ internal structures, in addressing behaviors of their members, to identify issues, questions and persuade member parties not only to adhere to, but to lead in implementing the code of conduct, to identity lobbying mechanisms for recognition of internal structures, and to Initiate interparty dialogue forums to enhance ability of political parties to relate and have common platform to discuss regulatory related issues.

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