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As a multiparty dialogue platform we deal with the real issues in a very polarized atmosphere in Kenyan politics today. Part of the efforts in building the dialogue include a pro-active and aggressive effort to engage the more influential actors in Kenya politics.

Inclusivity – Gender

Working with political parties in order to increase the level of women participation in electoral process through elections, nominations, and acquisition of leadership positions in political parties and in the public sphere.


We work to enhance the capacity of political parties on policy formulation and collaboration as important drivers of the development of a new generation of politics and multiparty democratic practice in Kenya based on issues, dialogue and non-violence.

Youth Development

Increasing meaningful and constructive involvement of young people in party politics as well as youth participation in decision making at all levels of political governance.

Welcome to CMD - Kenya

The Centre for Multiparty Democracy, CMD-Kenya is a political parties-based membership organization established in March 2004. The mandate is to enhance multiparty democracy and strengthen the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya through policy influence and capacity building. The organization provides a platform for political parties, political actors and policy makers to engage in dialogue and cooperate in strengthening multiparty democracy. CMD-Kenya works closely with political parties, political actors, strategic partners and key stakeholders in promoting social justice, political governance best practices, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Our Programmes

  • Intra and Interparty Dialogue Text

    The focus of this programme is to improve multiparty democratic practice underpinned by constructive inter/intra-party dialogue based on policies and +

  • Party Strengthening Text

    The key focus for the Political Parties’ Strengthening Programme is to strengthen the institutional capacities of political parties to enhance +

  • Gender and Inclusivity Text

    Notwithstanding the global, regional and local advances in arguments, laws and policies promoting gender equality in politics and leadership, gender +

  • Youth Development Text

    The overarching goal is to increase meaningful and constructive involvement of young people in party politics as well as youth +

Leadership Institute

About the Institute

The need to set up CMD Institute of Leadership and Governance (herein after referred to as the Institute) comes against a backdrop of mounting pressure to consolidate democracy in Kenya, Eastern Africa, and Africa at large, while taking into account the little attention that political parties and other players tend to receive as targets for democracy support.


Our open enrollment seminars are periodically available throughout the year for qualified applicants on a first-come, first serve basis. Custom designed seminars can be constructed in these topical areas around the specialized needs of groups, corporations, and organizations.

Institute Partners

Physical Address: : Popo Road, off Mombasa Road, Belleview, South C.

Postal Address:: P.O Box 29677-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone:: +254 20 2361160/1

Mobile:: +254 706 035299, +254 722 224193

Email Address::


Physical Address: : Bondo

Postal Address:: P.O. Box 210 - 40601 Bondo – Kenya.

Telephone:: +254 057 - 2058000

Mobile:: +254 707 - 058000, +254 057-2501804

Email Address::


Physical Address: : Passage 31 2511 AB, The Hague

Telephone:: +31 (0)70 311 5464

Mobile:: +254 706 035299, +254 722 224193

Email Address::


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We are currently facilitating a dialogue session that brings together elected leaders and members of different political parties from Kuria East Constituency to deliberate on broad governance reforms with a special focus on the Building Bridges Initiative report #DemistifyingBBI

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