The Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya) has rolled out a leadership training program to nurture and strengthen the leadership capacity of political leaders to tackle the democratic and developmental challenges. The Initiative for Leadership and Democracy in Africa Academy (iLEDA-Academy) will build the capacity of political parties to be effective agents of democratic politics and to transform democratic institutions to be partners and instruments of the people.

The training will also enhance the capacity of political parties to situate their work within the broader national, regional and global socio-economic and political context, better understand the critical role of citizenship and citizens within a democratic society and equip the parties to be able to activate the broad civic energies of citizens in the shared work of solving public problems and co-producing public goods as well as to play a leadership role in the peaceful management and resolution of conflict.

Moreover, the program also underscores the need to strengthen the current and future generation of political leaders with the skills, knowledge and values to transcend the challenges of democratic transformation and embrace present and future national, regional and global challenges. Speaking during the launch of the program, CMD-Kenya Executive Director Njeri Kabeberi said: “Political training before taking on leadership positions is imperative because political players require necessary know how and skills to deal with the ever mounting challenges entailed in democracy consolidation.” Since the launch of the program on 26th January, over 10 political party officials have undergone an intensive Training of Trainers (ToTs) course facilitated by well-respected iLEDA-Academy trainer Patience Zonge.

The ToTs subsequently facilitated the first training which drew trainees from 20 CMD-Kenya member political parties. The course employs a modular approach together with appropriate experiential learning experiences. The curriculum covers four core modules, notably: Democracy and Citizenship; Leadership and Politics; Good Governance and Sustainable Development; and Elections and Conflict Management. Each of the modules will run for a period of five days with the training spread over a period of four months to allow participants to not only have breaks in-between but also be able to reflect on what they will have learned. The Initiative for Leadership and Democracy in Africa Academy (iLEDA-Academy), is a political leadership program that was founded by IDASA (Democracy Institute for Africa), the Africa Forum of Former Heads of State and Government (The Forum) and Netherlands Institute for Multi Party Democracy (NIMD).