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·         Agano Party Of Kenya(Agano)

·         Democratic Party of Kenya(DP)

·         Forum for Non-Parliamentary Political Parties(FORUM)

·         Forum for The Restoration of Democracy-Kenya (FORD-Kenya)

·         Forum For The Restoration of Democracy For The People(FORD-People)

·         Kenya African Democratic  Union- Asili(KADU-Asili)

·         Kenya African National Union(KANU)

·         Kenya National Congress(KNC)

·         National Labour Party(NLP)

·         National Rainbow Coalition-Kenya(NARC-Kenya)

·         National Rainbow Coalition(NARC)

·         Orange Democratic Movement(ODM)

·         Party Of National Unity(PNU)

·         People's Party Of Kenya (PPK)

·         Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)

·         Safina Party(SAFINA)

·         Federal Party of Kenya (FPK)

·         Grand National Union (GNU )

·         United Republican Party (URP)

·         Wiper Democratic Movement - Kenya (WIPER)

·         The National Alliance (TNA)

·         Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP)

·         Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)

·         Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU)

·         National Vision Party (NVP)

·         Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)


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