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This Strategic Plan (2014- 2018) is the third one for CMD-Kenya following on those of 2004 – 2008, and 2009- 2013.The New Constitutional Dispensation ushered in new structures of governance, prominent among them being that of Devolved power. It also came along with a very huge legal and administrative reform agenda to implement the new Constitution. Of course substantive questions also arose about the management of 2013 General Election. For CMD-Kenya and its member parties in particular, for the first time the constitution expressly cognised political rights in Article 38, i.e. those of voting, contesting for public office, and forming of political parties. This right was expounded in Articles 91 and 92 with more details on principles on the basic nature, formation, and functions of political parties including provision of state funding. It is from the background of the New Constitutional Order that this Strategic Plan 2014 -2018 has been formulated. Read more


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