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The Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya) is conducting Youth leagues-NEC cluster training workshops to facilitate interactions between youth and their senior peers (NEC members) of political parties.

The activity is being implemented under the CMD-Kenya and DLDP partnership. The focus of the project is to strengthen and consolidate political parties at the National and County levels through increased and strengthened youth leagues to make them viable platforms for political socialization, leadership coaching and mentorship of young political leaders.
The youth-NEC workshops are informed by the CMD-Kenya’s baseline survey findings on the status of youth involvement in Kenyan political parties. The youth leagues-NEC workshops are seeking to equip both young political leaders and party officials with tools and skills to enable them position based on the findings of the survey. The baseline survey report detailed information on the current situation of youth in political parties and on the practice of inclusive politics where youth participate in party activities and processes including policy making, representation, party leadership, party campaigns, recruitment of members, communication, voting in party elections, nurturing intraparty democracy and youth organizations. Besides the baseline survey report, reference was made to the Right to Youth Participation Policy (RYPP) developed by CMD-Kenya in the second phase of the project.
Twenty (20) CMD-Kenya member parties participated in the workshops. The workshop created an opportunity for the youth leaders and NEC members in political parties to cement their interactions, agree on priority issues and work in harmony to promote party cohesion, synergy and the participation of the youth in party strengthening.


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