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CMD-Kenya with the support of the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) through the Danish Liberal Democracy Program (DLDP) is implementing a program whose goal

is to increase and strengthen youth participation in political parties as anticipated in the law and the Constitution.
To understand the situation of youth involvement in political parties, CMD- Kenya conducted a baseline survey on the status of youth involvement in Kenyan political parties. The baseline sought to provide information on the current situation of youth in political parties and on the practice of inclusive politics where youth participate in party activities and processes including policy making, representation, party leadership, party campaigns, recruitment of members, communication, voting in party elections, nurturing intraparty democracy and youth organizations.
Speaking during the launch of the report, CMD-Kenya Chairperson, Hon. Omingo Magara, affirmed CMD-Kenya’s commitment in capacitating political parties to be more strong and inclusive, particularly in youth agenda. He reiterated that meaningful participation of youth in political party activities and processes is crucial for building a sustainable and democratic society. Hon. Magara further challenged young people to come out strongly, build on their numeric strength and fight for their rightful space in political parties.
The findings of the baseline survey are scheduled to inform the kind of interventions that CMD-Kenya and her partners will take to increase the presence and strengthen the participation of young people in political parties in Kenya, particularly the strengthening of political party youth leagues.


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