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The Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya) has rolled out a project to enhance the capacity of political parties to collectively and individually adopt best practices for party policy development

and articulation so as to contribute to improved multiparty democratic practice.The project in partnership with the Danish Liberal Democracy Programme (DLDP) envisions strengthening of internal capacities and mechanisms within political parties for the participatory formulation of their policies, articulation and utilization in public agenda setting. Through the programme, political parties will be encouraged to reformulate and focus on solutions and challenges facing the Kenya society.
This intervention will also go a long way in not only augmenting efforts toward democratic development but as a meeting point for representatives of political parties designed to sustain calls for issue-based politics at intra and interparty discourse centered on policy role of political parties. Additionally, the trainings will reinvigorate the yearning by many Kenyans for issue-based political discourse.
Speaking at the initiation of the trainings, CMD-Kenya Chairperson Hon. Omingo Magara said: “a better understanding of issue-based politics by rank and file of members is the catalyst for institutionalization of political parties.” Hon. Magara explained that “political leaders will be bound to promote better service delivery and development when in power because they are persistently compelled to concentrate on issues affecting the people across societal divides. “
Currently, the focus of the trainings is on promoting development of tools and techniques for participatory approaches to policy formulation and thematic policy development. In the long run, CMD-Kenya envisages that the trainings will enhance visibility and distinction of political parties on grounds of their improved internal capacity for development, articulation and public agenda setting.


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