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Following the successful cross-party dialogue workshop on affirmative action convened

on May 6, 2015,CMD-Kenya has continued to lobby various stakeholders to support the immediate realization of the ‘not more than two thirds’ gender principle in Parliament.During the dialogue workshop, political parties under the umbrella of CMD-Kenya resolved to form a Multi-stakeholder Action Committee to spearhead high level national actions towards achieving this important agenda.
Lobbying under the banner “Thuluthi Mbili Za Mama…Twazitaka Sasa” the Action Committee that brings together leaders from CMD-Kenya member parties, Faith Based Organizations and other interest groups has recorded impressive milestones in the debate. On May 28, 2015, the committee convened a breakfast meeting with CORD and other opposition leaders at Serena hotel to lobby them support the course. The three CORD principals - Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Moses Wetangula attended the meeting. Also, Narc-Kenya leader, Hon. Martha Karua and her Labour Party of Kenya counterpart, Prof. Julia Ojiambo attended. The leaders committed to support the immediate realization of the not more than two thirds in Parliament as per the  Supreme Court’s ruling of December 11, 2012 which advised that the Executive and Parliament put in place mechanisms for implementing the 2/3rd gender principle by August 27, 2015. The meeting also set the tempo for the political leaders who have, since then consistently supported the implementation of the gender formula.

Other lobbying strategies that the team has adopted including reaching out to the President, Deputy President and the First Lady. The team drafted and published a letter to the President in the daily nation of 29th May 2015. The spirit of the letter and indeed those sent to other leaders was to lobby the leaders to support the formula developed by the Technical Working Group (TWG) and Bill. Finally, the group has constructively participated in forums organized by like-minded organizations to build consensus on the need to support a single Bill.
Above and beyond, CMD-Kenya is currently enjoined in a court case together with the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) and the Kenya Women Parliamentarians Association (KEWOPA) seeking to compel Parliament to implement the not more than 2/3 gender principle as per the Supreme Court’s advisory ruling of 2012. The organizations are also in court to seek clear interpretation on what Bill is properly before Parliament.


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